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Keukenhof during Coronavirus pandemic

Recently the government has started the pilot "Testen Voor Toegang" to see if we can go to events safely by having a negative Corona test. Immediately I signed up to join one of the pilot events, together with my friend, Annelies. 

Our first actual day out at a public place that isn't nature 😎. Which is the gardens of Keukenhof in Lisse. Well, it is still somewhat "nature" but contained in a private area. There was no need for anti-Corona measures such as mouth masks and a 1.5-meter rule unless we went to the public toilets.

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Quitting Facebook & WhatsApp

Recently I had a restriction placed upon me by Facebook for thirty days where I couldn't post and or comment. I found out that I was getting on with life just great without the need to check on Facebook.

It was refreshing and saved a lot of time that I've spent elsewhere instead.

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Github pages

I have moved the entire website over to GitHub Pages. At the same time, I have done an overhaul of the website and the way I publish static website content.

I decided to do so because I encountered software upgrade issues with Ghost CMS version 3.32.2 to the latest release. The Ghost CMS isn't compatible with the most recent version of MySQL 8. I have attempted to install version 5.7 with no good luck. 

I gave up and looked for alternatives.

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Amsterdam with best friend,Yuna

Whenever my best friend asks me out, I immediately feel a lot of joy and happiness. Because I never had one before. So I highly value any time spent with her. She asked me to meet up for some shopping in Amsterdam. We roamed around…

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