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Mini Bio

Yee Chie Tu, also known as "杜義奇", is a Dutch person with a Taiwanese mother and Singaporean father.

He is tall for an Asian person at 1.85 meters.

He has a diverse set of interests, including nature, hiking, traveling, cycling, anime, virtual reality, computers, sauna, and naturism. He is self-taught in computer-related skills and is passionate about them.

He values freedom of speech, net neutrality, and privacy.

He tends to have unique perspectives and may not always fit in with society, but he is committed to being true to himself and speaking his mind, even if it goes against societal taboos.

According to a D.I.S.C. test, he is a perfectionist.


Because of privacy concerns, he refrains from using popular big-tech social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Therefore, if you encounter any Yee Chie profile on other platforms that are not mentioned on this website or his Keyoxide page, it should be considered as fraudulent. It is advisable to refrain from trusting those profiles.


This website serves as a platform for Yee Chie Tu to share his thoughts, opinions, tips, tricks, guides, and other content with the world. It also serves as a personal online presence for him on the internet.

Other tidbits

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