Amsterdam with Best Friend, Yuna

February 29, 2020

Whenever my best friend asks me out, I immediately feel a lot of joy and happiness. Because I never had one before. So I highly value any time spent with her. She asked me to meet up for some shopping in Amsterdam.

We roamed around the stores, chit chatted, bought some clothing, drank some bubble tea together, and later we went to WONDR Experience which is an adult playground, mostly suited for girls. I still enjoyed it with much thanks to Yuna.

Selfie, together with Yuna

Selfie 1 Selfie 2

Happy Swing

Bonus slide ;)

Happy Slide


To finish the day, we went for some vegan dinner at “Vegan Junkfood Bar” which I highly recommend and worth waiting for in a queue.

Food at Vegan Junkfood Bar
I am sure you won't notice the difference between real meat and vegan alternative. There are also cocktails served for those who love to drink.


I am incredibly grateful to have Yuna as my best friend to whom I can be fully open and honest, be who I am. Nothing is too much information for Yuna. She truly accepts me, being myself <3

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Written by Yee Chie Tu. "He/Him" lives in The Netherlands and has been growing and evolving ever since. Check out his Mastodon and Pixelfed profile.