Yee Chie Tu

Yee Chie Tu (8)

Keukenhof during Coronavirus pandemic

Recently the government has started the pilot "Testen Voor Toegang" to see if we can go to events safely by having a negative Corona test. Immediately I signed up to join one of the pilot events, together with my girlfriend, Annelies.ย 

Our first actual day out at a public place that isn't nature ๐Ÿ˜Ž. Which is the gardens ofย Keukenhof in Lisse. Well, it is still somewhat "nature" but contained in a private area. There was no need for anti-Corona measures such as mouth masks and a 1.5-meter rule unless we went to the public toilets.

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Quitting Facebook & WhatsApp

Recently I had a restriction placed upon me by Facebook for thirty days where I couldn't post and or comment. I found out that I was getting on with life just great without the need to check on Facebook.

It was refreshing and saved a lot of time that I've spent elsewhere instead.

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