Fuchsia pink hair

hair Mar 14, 2020

As a man, it isn't very common to dye hair in bright colors but for me, it is some sort of therapy. Because as an introvert I tend to shy away from attention and start overthinking immediately or feel anxious when someone looks at me. So by changing my hair color, it attracts more attention on purpose, this method allowed me to get used to the public attention and these days I'm OK with it.

YOLO, you only live once ~

This time around, after having purple for many months, I decided to dye my hair pink, or better yet fuchsia pink.

According to color psychology, fuchsia inspires confidence, assurance, and maturity. It is indicative of a responsible and controlled nurturing and love.

I made an appointment with my hairdresser Michelle at "Total haircare D'or Mies" based in Tilburg, The Netherlands. She works alone and is an amazingly friendly person.

Total haircare D'or Mies contact information
I'm very happy with the result!
The more and better the lightning, the brighter the hair is.

To maintain the fuchsia pink in my hair for a long period, as I did with purple, I make use of a creative color mask from "Finnley's haircosmetics". Which is the brand for all the products that my hairdresser uses.

The creative color mask from Finnley contains Lotus flower and Baobab oil and is Ammonia-free.
Finnley's Creative Color Mask 06 - Pink

By using the creative color mask it puts color pigments into the hair. It doesn't wash out that easily and as a man, I wash my hair more often than a woman. I usually use the creative color mask once per week. By maintaining your hair color you can enjoy it for a much longer period, as well as saving costs. The creative color mask itself costs 14 Euro I believe and it lasts for months, at least for my shorter hair.

So for the coming months I will be rocking the streets with fuchsia pink hair! If you come across me somehow, don't be shy and come say hi! ;)
Many thanks to Michelle from Total haircare D'or Mies <3
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