Github pages

I have moved the entire website over to GitHub Pages. At the same time, I have done an overhaul of the website and the way I publish static website content.

I decided to do so because I encountered software upgrade issues with Ghost CMS version 3.32.2 to the latest release. The Ghost CMS isn't compatible with the most recent version of MySQL 8. I have attempted to install version 5.7 with no good luck. 

I gave up and looked for alternatives.

Found an alternative:
The reasoning behind these choices are as follows:
  • GitHub network is speedy.
  • GitHub Pages allows a custom domain name.
  • GitHub Pages is easy to use and maintain.
  • GitHub Pages is free of charge.
  • GitHub is secure; supports physical security keys as 2FA.
  • Publii has an easy to use GUI which doesn't require complicated installation or configuration on the server or client.
  • Publii makes publishing content to GitHub easy.

The website is also going through the Cloudflare network for additional performance and security benefits.

I should have moved sooner because it saves money and time. Now I can save myself 13 Euro each month. And I no longer have to maintain and keep the Vultr VPS updated.

Alternatively, if GitHub Pages doesn't end up working great, I can always move to Netlify, which is quite similar but offers a lot more features.

Update: as of October 6th, 2020, DigitalOcean unveiled its app platform. That is another method to host a static website or your app!

For now, it feels good. And I am proud to be hosted by GitHub!