Photo by Annelies A. @ Keukenhof. © CC BY-SA 4.0

Keukenhof during Coronavirus Pandemic

Recently the government has started the pilot "Testen Voor Toegang" to see if we can go to events safely by having a negative Corona test. Immediately I signed up to join one of the pilot events, together with my friend. 

First actual day out at a public place that isn't nature 😎. Which is the gardens of Keukenhof in Lisse. Well, it is still somewhat "nature" but contained in a private area. There was no need for anti-Corona measures such as mouth masks and a 1.5-meter rule unless we went to the public toilets.

We bought our Keukenhof tickets the moment they were on sale. To make sure they weren't sold out. There were only five thousand tickets available for the pilot event. 

A day before, at 17:30, we took our Corona test. Within a half-hour, we have gotten our results by email. 🎉 The next day we went to Keukenhof by car, a two-hour drive, and arrived within our reserved timeslot 11:00-12:00.

Keukenhof Entrance
Keukenhof entrance

It was a great feeling to enjoy living the "old normal" way of life. Moving around, breathing without any limitations, and seeing people's actual faces and emotions.

Selfie right at the entrance of Keukenhof
CapSelfie right at the entrance of Keukenhoftion

We were enjoying the sunny weather with occasionally a chilly wind. Smelling the extraordinary flowers! Drinking some hot tea. Ate freshly made sushi as lunch that we brought along.

Sushi lunch
Our lunch

We weren't afraid of any Corona infections since all visitors were tested negative beforehand.

It was fantastic to visit Keukenhof without the usual capacity, which I believe is around 25.000 people daily. Plenty of room to take photographs without the rush.

I love the personal space as an introvert. 😁

Personal space!


Glad to be able to visit Keukenhof this year since they were closed entirely in 2020.

I wouldn't mind having these Corona tests before visiting any events. It would make me feel safer, knowing that the Coronavirus will never leave the world and that some people don't wish to get vaccinated. So I am all in for the Corona test being a requirement.

Now we are eagerly awaiting upcoming events. We are keeping an eye open for some Zoo tickets at the end of April.

Here are a couple of the many photographs that I took:

We were at Keukenhof for around three to four hours. Decided together to end the day by visiting Utrecht since my friend never been there before. Even though the stores were closed, we decided to go anyway and do some sightseeing and chill at some places. 

We felt like that Coronavirus didn't exist at all in Utrecht, seeing how comfortable everyone were.

We ended the day entirely by having some takeaway ramen from the Wagamama restaurant.