March 10, 2020

London with Sanny

From Eindhoven airport, we left for a short weekend trip to London.

London with Sanny

It seems I have been blessed with amazing friends lately. Sanny, whom I have recently met, offered me to come along with her weekend trip to London since her daughter wasn't coming anymore. So it was hard for me to pass since I haven't traveled to London before as a tourist; only to pass through to help the other friend like two years ago with her beauty exam at a location in London. Plus, it is doing something more unique than going out to a nearby city in your own country.

Sanny and me with my tired face :)

For the first time in my life, I didn't have to plan anything when going out. It was all arranged by Sanny. It felt kind of relieving but also uncertainty since I wasn't used to this. I did help to pick the correct subway lines; it seems I was better and faster at it ;)

We walked a lot, saw a lot of tourist spots, talked a lot, bullied each other occasionally; haha :D

We really walked a lot!

Unfortunately, I didn't take photographs of every location we went to or they weren't well taken so I am not posting them all.

One of the tourist spots we went to was "Picadilly Circus".

Piccadilly Circus is a road junction and public space of London's West End in the City of Westminster. It was built in 1819 to connect Regent Street with Piccadilly. In this context, a circus, from the Latin word meaning "circle", is a round open space at a street junction.
Huge billboard at Picadilly Circus.

While we were at "Picadilly Circus" we went to have our dinner at the "Hard Rock Cafe". Since it is located at such a busy tourist place, we had to wait around 45 minutes before there was a table available for us. So, while we had to wait after making a reservation we went to roam around the "Picadilly Circus". We came across the "Kingdom of Sweets", a huge candy store; bought some candy.

Kingdom of Sweets, halfway through their store.

Since I was starving, I continued checking the time. The moment it was about 45 minutes later I mentioned it and we went back to the "Hard Rock Cafe". Once there and we had our table we ordered our starter which consists of three mini burgers and a cocktail for me since I was curious and wanted to try it out; ordered a "sparkling blue Hawaiian".

A tropical American Classic invented in Hawaii in 1957. Malibu Coconut Rum, Absolut Citron Vodka and Blue Curacao shaken with fresh lime juice and pineapple juice topped with Prosecco.
The blue one is the Sparkling Blue Hawaiian, duh...

Since I am not an alcohol lover and barely even drink one glass in a year; I couldn't finish it but it wasn't a total waste since Sanny helped out and we swapped our drinks and she drank half of it. Weak sauce me... :P

Later, after the starter and the drink, our main dish came. I had a pulled chicken sandwich.

Pulled chicken sandwich with fried potatoes.

After our dinner, we went to roam around some more at other places. Did I already mention that I love the subway? So easy to reach anything you want in such a short amount of time.

We event went to China town, which wasn't anything special at all, unfortunately. All the stores were already closed and only some restaurants were still open.

Entrance to China Town.

We went back to our hotel after China Town to have our well-needed rest. I was so exhausted at the end of the day. I took a shower and went to bed, Zzzz.

The next day Sanny had a lot of things planned out. We went to many more tourist places or well-known areas. Some were lovely to see while others aren't that impressive at all. For example, "Big Ben" wasn't spectacular to see because it is all wrapped up for renovation.

For our lunch, we came across a cafe called "Royal Quarter Cafe". Funny thing was, I mentioned to Sanny earlier that I never had fish and chips before and to my surprise, this place has it on their menu so it was obvious that I just had to order it.

Fish and Chips.

Before the lunch we went to visit a huge garden and park, the "Kensington Gardens" and "Hyde Park".

Massive park.

We were once again very exhausted from all the walking and seeing many places and slowly getting lost; that we decided to head back to the hotel and take a nap before we went to the final destination that day; the London Eye.

We had fast track tickets for the "London Eye" but in the end, it wasn't needed at all because at the time that we arrived, around 8:30 PM there weren't plenty of people waiting in line.

Many thanks to Sanny for making this London trip possible. I am incredibly grateful to have been chosen to have this opportunity and to have you as a friend to whom I can also be fully open and honest, be who I am.