Photo taken by Yee Chie Tu @ Zilvense heide.

Naturehike: Loenermark

The blooming purple heather fields season was almost over. I decided to visit the Loenermark at The Veluwe in The Netherlands to see it for the first time in my life before they weren't blooming anymore.

I followed the fourteen-kilometer-long yellow boulder trail with the starting point at the parking lot in the forest at the Schaapskooi. This trail has a variety of scenery and different types of tracks.

Overall I was very impressed. The variety has done it for me. You hike through the forest, on the hills and the fields. Most of the time, you are on unpaved paths from small to big, which I love. I even managed to see some wild animals such as wild boars and even a woodpecker doing its thing ;)

Wild boars
A mature boar with small ones nearby.

My first stop to hold a break and snack a bit was at a collection of trees, where I sat down on a picnic blanket at the center of the trees.

Picnic location
Picnic location

Other resting places were on well-located locations where there was a sitting bench.

Unfortunately, I don't have many photos of the entire afternoon hike. It would distract me too much. I came to enjoy the peaceful trail. Great for mindfulness.

Here are some random photos that I took. Most are from the heather fields.

The entire yellow boulder trail took me around five hours, including the breaks in between. See the following photos for my hiking statistics. Unfortunately, I forgot to start the tracking at the beginning. So it is missing a part. I started and ended at the same place where I parked my car.

I will probably return next year earlier into the blooming season.