Quitting Facebook & WhatsApp

Recently I had a restriction placed upon me by Facebook for thirty days where I couldn't post and or comment. I found out that I was getting on with life just great without the need to check on Facebook.

It was refreshing and saved a lot of time that I've spent elsewhere instead.

To keep the trend going using quality time on things that matter instead of reading nonsense posts on Facebook such as memes. I decided to quit using Facebook, for the most part, more about this later.

Note: WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus is owned by Facebook.

There is another reason why I decided to quit Facebook. For security and privacy reasons. It is well known how much Facebook tracks and knows of you on and off their website or app.

Here is an image from 9To5Mac displaying how much data Facebook chat applications keep about you.

I decided to switch to Signal, a highly secure, open-source, peer-reviewed chat application made by a nonprofit company. An extra feature I like is disappearing messages, with a timer as low as five seconds compared to seven days on WhatsApp.

As I said before, I'm quitting Facebook for the most part. Meaning I will still be using Instagram and Oculus Quest VR headset. I'm still being tracked but a lot less. 

Using Mullvad VPN and NextDNS. I keep my connections secure and blocking unwanted (malicious) trackers such as "privatestats.whatsapp.net".