February 28, 2020

Website changes

Changed my website, using Ghost over Jekyll as my new blogging software, which will make it easier for me to blog.

Website changes

Old article

The only content that had been posted on this website for a long time was an article about how to install and configure Raspberry Pi 4 with Pi-Hole, OpenVPN and DNSCrypt, which was posted years ago. A rather popular article according to search engines.

Blogging more

For a while, I wanted to post more often but the method on how to post new articles made it cumbersome over time. Since the website was generated using Jekyll, which transforms text files into a static website or blog. I was using an ordinary text editor notepad++ to create those text files, upload it separately afterward and regenerate the website to allow the new post to show up online.

I am fully aware that there are easier methods to update a Jekyll powered website, but I never bothered with it.
Made me lazy, so I didn't want to bother anymore :(

Moving on in 2020

Using Jekyll did make the entire website extremely fast to load. But my website doesn't receive a lot of traffic, so the perfect top-notch performance isn't a requirement. So, I decided to make the switch back to Ghost, which is what I used before Jekyll, because of amazing feature updates and performance improvements over the years.

From now on, I plan to blog more :)